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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Each session is personalized to meet your needs, integrating a variety of techniques and always using the desired pressure your body is seeking. I use only organic lotions and oil, which have not been tested on animals, free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates & artificial colors.

If you must cancel an appointment, please let me know with ample time so someone else can schedule. No Shows must pay for the missed appointment before ever rescheduling.

Therapeutic Massage:  to release stress, muscular tension, pain, or discomfort, and allow for relaxation, to balance body and mind to a place of inner stillness, and promote a greater sense of freedom within the body. Using a light-to-moderate pressure.

  25 mins-$45   50 mins-$75    80 mins-$120.   110mins-$180

Sports Massage: to assist the athlete in achieving and maintaining peak performance, combining deep pressure, and stretches to release tight over worked muscles.  Help to alleviate chronic pain and promote a sense of movement in the body.

   25mins-$50    50 mins-$85.   80 mins-$125

Hot Stone Massage: A nurturing treatment combining using heated basalt stones to soothe tight muscles, and therapeutic massage techniques to calm the nervous system, increase circulation, and promote the release of toxins, resulting in a more grounded sense of peace.                                    

      50 mins-$95      80 mins-$130       110 mins-$190

Pre-Natal Massage:  for the mother-to-be, this massage addresses the specific needs of the childbearing woman as her body changes during pregnancy.   A relaxing experience, promoting increased circulation, increased flow of nutrients to the placenta, helps reduce anxiety & depression, and allows for balance within body and mind.   Massage is good for the fetus too, when mom is relaxed, baby is relaxed.   Mom to be is allowed to be face down on a special medically tested, comfortable pregnancy cushion.   

        50 mins-$85        80 mins-$125

Post-Natal Massage:  for the new mom, and/or nursing mom using the pregnancy cushion to allow comfort for the entire body, while in the prone position.

         50 mins-$85            80 mins-$125

Foot Treatment: Relax and Balance the mind & body, a foot massage can bring significant relief from emotional stress, reduce anxiety, improves joint flexibility and circulation. Includes a foot massage, salt scrub, and warm towels. Everyone can benefit from a foot massage.

       25 mins-$50               50 mins-$80

Combination Therapeutic Massage & Foot Treatment:  Therapeutic Massage, using the desired pressure and additional focus on the feet, includes a foot massage, salt scrub, and warm towels.

     80 mins-$135

Combination Therapeutic Massage & CranioSacral Therapy Treatment:  Therapeutic Massage, using the desired pressure and with time allowed for a CST treatment.  Time will be split to meet your needs, 50 minutes/massage/30 minutes CST.           Or your desired time split.

    80 mins-$135

Reiki Session (pronounced Ray-key) a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy.  Using a gentle touch to channel the energy into a clients body. This is done over clothing promoting deep relaxation in the body. Subtle yet induces a healing state of mind, body, and spirit.     50 mins-$70

Craniosacral Therapy: A gentle hands-on treatment that releases restrictions in the craniosacral system to encourage the body's natural healing processes.    50 min- $80 *********For additional information see the page dedicated to Craniosacral Therapy.

Couples Massage offered in the Sunapee Studio only, please call to schedule so I may coordinate with another Massage Therapist.  

Hour Massage $170 per couple -----90 Minute Massage $260

Private Yoga Session:  using the format of a typical class, tailoring the instructions to each individual's needs and ability.                                 

               50 mins-$70          Couples 50 mins $80

Corporate Chair Massage, at your site 

              10 min/$12,         15 min/$17,         20 min/$25  

Home Visits & Corporate Visits-  add an additional $15 to the visit.

Pre-Purchase any 6-pack and receive 1- Free

6-25 min therapeutic massages- $270

6-50 min therapeutic massages -$450

6-80 min therapeutic massages-$720

6 50 minute Prenatal massages--$510

6-80 minute Prenatal massages--$750

Pre-Purchased Quad Pack 10 percent off

4-25 minute therapeutic massage--$162

4-50 minute therapeutic massage--$270

4-80 minute therapeutic massage--$432

4-50 minute Prenatal massages--$306

4-80 minute Prenatal massages--$450

All other services are also available in 6-pack or Quad Pack, just email me.

 10% Student Discount 

***Not to be in conjunction with any other offer or special***

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