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Restorative Yoga Class 

Restorative Yoga helps us to find balance in our lives, a form of Yoga that focuses on physical and mental relaxation through poses aided by props.  It's a gentle yet empowering style that helps us de-stress & re-energize.     

Chair Yoga Series with Cathie Zoeller on Fridays at 9:00 am  drop in's are also welcome. Chair Yoga is for those who want to try Yoga, yet may have difficulty getting down on the floor.  Many of the Yoga poses that are traditionally done on the mat can easily be done in a chair.                                         

Saturday Morning All Levels Yoga with Pam Colanero every Saturday morning at 9:00 am Pam's class is open to beginners as well as long time students, offered in a Gentle style, allowing you to move at your own pace. 

***Both of theses classes are part of the class series you've chosen, you can always add to your practice, or make up a class in either of these classes.

Let Your Yoga Dance  with Liz Barker, is a moving celebration of spirit, where Joy & Fun meet Deep & Sacred.  Let your Yoga Dance is a chakra yoga dance fusion.  A moving practice combining yoga, dance & the body's energy centers (chakras) with music & joy.

Let Your Yoga Dance is for Every body!

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To Register for Yoga, Chair Yoga, & Yoga special classes, please call   603-448-9642 or email me at healingarts@massagetherapy.com or just come to the studio at the time of class!


Individual Private Classes available at the studio, for $70 per hour class or $85/couples.


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